New York Daily News and New York Post covers for Feb. 23, 2019.

ICYMI: Two tabloid takes on the Patriots owner's prostitution bust


As part of our continuing media-about-media coverage, we always keep a close eye on the nation’s leading tabloid newspapers whenever sordid news breaks. (You’re welcome.) ICYMI over the weekend, the New York Post and the New York Daily News both came through with cover takes on the shocking prostitution-related allegations against billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in Palm Beach County, Florida. The News offers a play on a branded productKraft American Cheeseto serve up “Kraft American Sleaze,” while the Post references the old Patriots/Tom Brady Deflategate scandal with “Inflate Gate.”

Meanwhile, the latest from CNN: “Kraft could be charged as early as Monday with soliciting prostitution.” And via Bloomberg News, details about the other prominent business executive attached to this unfolding scandal: “Ex-Citigroup President Havens Caught Up in Prostitution Probe.”

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