Coke channels a 1970s-era car chase for new Orange Vanilla Coke ad


Coca-Cola is channeling a 1970s-era car-chase scene with its debut ad for Orange Vanilla Coke, the soda’s first new flavor in 12 years.

The spot, by Wieden & Kennedy Portland, looks like it was ripped from an episode of “Starsky and Hutch,” funky music and all. It shows a Coke delivery truck screeching down a city street alongside a truck full of oranges and an ice cream truck. The spot doesn’t show the vehicles colliding, but that is the implication as it ends with a can of the beverage rolling toward a crossing guard.

“We thought this was a really hyperbolic but also telegraphic way to help consumers understand that it was the flavors of orange, vanilla and Coke coming together to create this new flavor,” says Kate Santore, senior integrated marketing communication manager for Coca-Cola North America.

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